Ling Zhang
Ling Zhang
Founder and AI & Data Science Strategy Consulting

Grow to Your Fullest

Artificial Intelligence
Business Transformation
Data Science

Ling is passionate about science and people. To live out her passion fully, Ling’s mission in her career is to help companies empower data-informed decisions, accelerate growth, reach operational excellence through data science/AI and nurture stakeholders’ relationships with trust. Her life mission is to help people achieve their fullest in the career of data science, AI and leadership.  

Ling has two master’s degrees (mathematics and computer science). She holds 2 Granted Patents, is co-author of  ‘Handbook of Data Intensive Computing’ (published in January 2012, Springer), and has also published the book, ‘Grow to Your Fullest’ which is available on Amazon or on 

Ling is a Data Science & AI visionary with a 20-year career including developing data science & AI strategy and building high-performing data science teams for project execution; has expertise in applying data science to drive multiple revenue streams in diverse industries; a driven leader with an entrepreneurial spirit to consistently identify opportunities and challenge assumptions for innovation; she also has rich experience in guiding business transformations, fostering a data-driven culture across business units, and empowering teams.  

She is an effective communicator with extensive public speaking, published works, and two patents. Ling treats problems as great opportunities for innovation and developing new solutions. She believes the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, so she likes to nurture teamwork and draws synergy of a team to achieve bigger and greater things together and deliver optimal products and services. Ling is strongly resulted oriented. Ling’s biggest interests are strategic thinking, technology innovation, leadership and team building. And she believes the core to success is to practice starting with the end in mind, focus, simplicity, roadmap, act, metrics, discipline and resilience in execution.