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Retail Media Analytics in the Gen AI Era: Driving Innovations & Potential Disruptions | Bruno Delahaye

In this episode, we hear about the shifting perspectives in retail media, retail media networks, and leveraging GenAI to navi...

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Data-Driven Retail: Building a Winning Enterprise Data Strategy | Praveena R

How to build a winning enterprise data strategy? 

How important is ...

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Data Democratization: Best Practices & Growth Strategies for Data Teams | Britt Smith

How to implement data democratization in an organization? 

What is ...

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Improving Businesses with EHS Data Analytics Strategy | Claus Rose

In what ways can data analytics change the course of EHS management? How can companies align EHS analytics to their strategic...

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Building a Data Engineering Team: Challenges & Best Practices | Liya Aizenberg

How will data engineering evolve in the future?
What goes into building a visionary team fueled with innovative data engi...

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Pricing Analytics to Increase Business Profitability | Annie Wang


What significance can the pricing analytics have on driving a busines...

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R&D Strategy for Using Advanced Analytics in Businesses | Vinod Anandakrishnan

How does R&D play a major role in advanced analytics?
How can organizations lead a digital transformation strategy wit...

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Leveraging Consumer Insights in Marketing to Drive Customer Growth and Retention | Adam Blott

How important are consumer insights to drive a company’s growth?
Can predictive analytics improve customer experience? Read more

Unlocking the Power of AI with Decision Intelligence | Ling Zhang

What is Decision Intelligence and how is it different from AI?
How can Decision Intelligence help organizations add value ...

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Data, Psychology & Storytelling: The Key to Winning at B2B Marketing

What practices do winning marketers follow?
How do they ensure a positive and profitable customer experience?
How can m...

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